Friday, 24 June 2011

I hate everyone. Except you, TB.

I don’t care if this is more venting, I need to vent.

My so-called friend is ignoring me like I’m dead [which, for the record, I might as well be] and now feel super down after reading a tonne of old emails she sent me telling me how much I made her laugh and now I can’t help but think where I went wrong, or even why I’m blaming myself for this since this is completely out of my hands now, and completely blown out of proportion.

Full of confusion and hate right now. Tomorrow I have to get on and sabotage someone’s career, and rest assured, I will be doing it with the utmost glee.

Everyone should suffer as what I feel right now. I don’t care if this is selfish. When it comes to people, I’m usually nice. Right now, I’ve fucking had it.

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