Friday, 24 June 2011

A Little Less QQ, A Little More Pew Pew [Take Action]


So these past few weeks have been crazy to say the least.

Firstly, exams are over, and I could literally not be more happy. Most of them went the best they could’ve gone, so fingers crossed for decent results. Slightly sad that it’s only Friday and I’m already missing Music in a Stockholm-Syndrome kinda way, but that’s what school does to you.


Anyway, I don’t have to revise anymore so this is a definite positive, along with the fact that on Monday I’m off to America once again :) which seemed to come around really quickly, although sad about how much I’m missing while I’m away.

On the downside, my so-called “friend” still isn’t talking to me, let alone apologising for some shit that went down last weekend, but I’m going out tomorrow, and I’m on the point of giving up caring, as long as I get to see people before I go away then that’s all I care about, but I’d just like to thank my friends [especially Sofi] for being an awesome listener and sympathiser and not judging me too much for things beyond my control.

Summer officially starts here.

What a bittersweet feeling.

Right Now:

Listening To: The Yogscast and TotalBiscuit Deadmines Run

Watching: The Weakest Link on mute

Loving: Getting stoned last night, the weekend

Eating: Gum, as always boiiii

Thinking: This is turning into a dA journal entry

Quote of the Day: “What’s the difference between Chinese people and Japanese people?”

“They’re both different shades of yellow.”

[No racism intended, we were watching a Korean film and I wanted to know the difference]



Further NB: Probably my last entry before I leave for Americazzzz

Ciao for now xxx

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  1. That quote makes me cry lol, such a good night XD I still don't understand how it was a Korean film when it was in China, in Chinese and about a Chinese place.

    The whole situation is starting to piss me off tbh, but I'm certainly not getting involved... I'm here if you want to talk :)